Saturday, April 27, 2013

Army of the Sleepless

4:07 A.M., March 3, 2013

Sleep, oh sleep, where art thou?  Is this Mephistopheles at work, the demon which always denies?  I know it is thee, Demon!  I now recognize your trickery.  You keep ancient arguments fuming in my head, and keep mistakes made long ago like new so they prick and sting and rob me of peace.  Oh merciless Mephistopheles, it is thou who stirs memories of sorrows that thrive in the night when sweet dreams should bring bliss.  I challenge thee then, Demon, and call upon all the sleepless this night to form ranks!  Onto the field of battle we the Army of the Sleepless march, our banners high, our armor, swords, and spear points flashing in bright moonlight.
     Let Battle begin!
     Swords thrust, spears launch, demon claws slash, demon fangs rip.  Then sudden, above the fray, I hear it ring out, the shouted word "Victory!"  The sword of some sleepless warrior has found its mark and is driven into demon breast!  But no time!  No time for jubilation!  For rotation of earth brings nearer the morn.  So rush now Army of the Sleepless!  To home!  To bed!  Yet before we sleep away the remnants of this night, let us pray together that Mephistopheles not die of his wound.  Yes, pray for him to live!  Pray for God to bring down His judgment, to imprison Mephistopheles in flesh and bone with beating human heart, to condemn the demon to dwell with sorrow and heartache as his only companions for a lifetime of sleepless nights!



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